Promoting a sustainable transition towards human-robot collaboration in manufacturing

MAGICIAN is an EU co-funded project. It seeks to develop robotic solutions which will identify and repair aesthetic defects in manufacturing products autonomously to improve safety conditions for human operators and make production processes more efficient. MAGICIAN follows a human-centred approach allowing for a sustainable transition towards human-robot collaboration in manufacturing based on trust and safety.

Industrial Robots


Increase in operating Industrial Robots

The number of operating industrial robots in factories has increased worldwide with almost 4 million robots operating in 2022. Collaborative robots (Cobots) are also increasingly deployed in industrial settings, reaching a share of 11% in 2021, a trend which is likely to continue in upcoming years.

Source: International Federation of Robotics

Improving health conditions with collaborative robots

With collaborative robots, human workers can be supported in tasks that involve significant physical effort, repetitive motions or a potentially hazardous work setting. Collaborative robots can also perform tasks which are not met by sufficient labour force, for instance welding operations.

Source: International Federation of Robotics

Robots and Sustainability

Robotics technologies can address various sustainability challenges. For instance, robots can support an inclusive workforce as operating robots requires less physical strength than manual task execution. Another benefit of robots lies in their potential to stabilize manufacturing processes, resulting in fewer product rejects and consistently high product quality. By increasing product efficiency and allowing for a decentralized production, the use of robots also saves energy and resources and reduces transportation costs.

Source: International Federation of Robotics

Industrial Robots and the EU market

In 2022, annual installations of industrial robots were most prevalent in Asian countries, with China being the largest market by far. The EU represents the second largest market worldwide with Germany accounting for the highest market shares, followed by Italy and France. Source: International Federation of Robotics

Key Numbers

partners from 7 countries
Million € EU Co-Funding
Oct. 2023-Sept.2027

Latest News

Open Innovation Visual

Spotlight on Open Innovation in MAGICIAN at S3 event in Trento

On 8th May, University of Trento was invited to share its experiences on Open Innovation as SME support instrument in European projects at a regional event in Trento focusing on Smart Specialization (S3) areas. The event was organized by the Autonomous Province of Trento with the intention of encouraging exchange

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MAGICIAN partners at TOFAS production site

Exploring MAGICIAN’s first use case

24th January 2024 Bursa, Turkey A visit to TOFAŞ automotive production site To get a closer look into MAGICIAN’s automotive use case, the consortium partners Università di Trento, CRF, FORTH, Lund University, HWH and Altinay visited the TOFAŞ. automotive production site in Bursa, Turkey. At the production site, partners were

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